Should You Get Your Google AdWords Set Up Free?

Google offer to set up AdWords accounts for free, so why pay someone else to do it?!

You may or may not know that Google have a team of AdWords representatives who can setup and optimise your Adwords accounts for you for free, that’s right FREE!
With a quick phone call to the AdWords team they will create the campaigns, ad groups, text ads and even populate your account with keywords, so the question is why do people still pay for Pay Per Click Management?

Well, we have some experience with setting up AdWords accounts, in fact over 9 years worth! We have gradually built a clear picture of what this fantastic free service is all about and we would like to share our experiences and our clients with you…

Google AdWords ManagementIts not all bad, if you are new to Google AdWords and you have no experience with online advertising then there is no doubt that the team at Google will get you online and fast. They will ask you to set up a Google user account, login to AdWords, and ask you to add them as an administrator. There is a one time admin fee of £10 to activate the account, so you will also be asked to associate a credit/debit card for payment to get the account activated.

As soon as your account is activated and they have access, they will then call you back to discuss the types of keywords you may like to be found for, what text you would like in your adverts and what daily,weekly or monthly budgets you would like to set.

The account as you would imagine is set up professionally with all the keywords grouped nicely, the ad’s created with your agreed text and budget caps to ensure you don’t overspend, so far so good...

Then its time to switch the campaign on, exciting eh?! You will see you ad’s displayed across Google, Google’s Partners and associated other associated content networks, you will also see that you are coming up for just about every variant possible for your business keywords and to top it all off you start getting tons of visitors to your website, WOW they have done a fantastic job!!

Except they seem to have forgotten one thing…It’s not about being everywhere, being found for tons of keyword variants and having loads of visitors clicking through to your website its about conversions!

Yes, that’s the one common problem that we and our clients have found with Google is that they seem to completely miss the point of the campaign, and that is to make sure that the visitors to your website convert into sales, leads, enquiries, signups or whatever else it is you are trying to promote. Their strong desire to make sure you get clicks through to your website has led some to believe that all Google are only interested in the money and making sure you spend the budget that you have allocated to the campaign.

In our experience, we have found the key to setting up a top performing Google AdWords campaign is to get clever with what keywords you use, reduce CPC’s as much as possible, filter unwanted traffic and measure the performance of the campaign daily, weekly and monthly making regular adjustments to achieve the highest possible ROI.

Read which areas we focus on when managing your Google AdWords campaign


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